Welcome Janet Rager

Janet Rager has accepted the position of Database Administrator in FIS Technical Services effective May 26, 2015.

Janet will be responsible for all maintenance and support of our Oracle databases as well as providing backup support for our SQL Server databases. Janet has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from Point Park College. She previously worked at US Steel as an Oracle Database Administrator and has experience as a developer, trainer and Records Manager. Janet will be located in 1900 Cathedral of Learning and will report to Carol Zielinski.

Please join us in welcoming Janet to FIS!


  • By Cynthia Buti Radinovic 02 Jun 2015

    Congratulations Janet !

  • By sharon rapp 02 Jun 2015

    Congratulations Janet! I know you will be a great asset! You are a super systems person, someone I admired for your unique talent in “fixing things” when we had a gliche! God bless you as you embark on a new career journey!

  • By Janet Buti-Flegal 02 Jun 2015

    Congratulations and best wishes to you on your new job.

  • By christina 02 Jun 2015

    Congratulations Janet! I’m so happy for you and soon U of Pitt will know how fortunate they are to have you on board! Your work ethics and committee to the team are unsurpassed by anyone I have ever known! Good luck and best to you!

  • By Jane Southern 03 Jun 2015

    Congratulations, Janet! I know you’ll be a great asset to U of Pitt and to have an office in the Cathedral of Learning. How awesome for you and Pitt!!

  • By Barbara Buti 03 Jun 2015

    Congratulations Janet. I know you will be a great asset to Pitt in your new position. They are fortunate to have you and I am sure you will enjoy your new job.