Welcome Garrett Liebenguth to FIS!

FIS is pleased to announce that Garrett Liebenguth has accepted a full time Systems Engineer position in Technical Services effective May 23rd, 2016.

Photo of Garret Liebenguth

Garrett joined FIS as a Systems Engineer contractor on March 21st, and was previously a Infrastructure Engineer supporting various technologies at Red Square Systems and AllCovered. Garrett holds a Bachelor’s of Science in MIS/DS from IUP and has over 10 years of experience performing advanced systems administration, Windows Server management, VMware, and other critical technologies. His responsibilities involve all aspects of server system administration, implementation, and support. His experience and knowledge will be an asset to Server Computing. He is located at 1900 CL and reports to Dan Mahaven.

Welcome to FIS Garrett!

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  • By Janet 07 Jun 2016

    Welcome aboard Garrett! It is already a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for being here. (Nice friendly photo, btw)