Today I Learned: Microsoft Office 365 Application Series – Planner Part II

Today continues a series of posts about Microsoft Office 365 applications that have recently become available to FIS customers.  The purpose here is to help you use these applications in a more efficient manner and make their first-time use much less imposing.  We are going to continue our discussion on Microsoft Planner.  Part I on Planner focused on what it is, how to access it, and how to create buckets and tasks.  Part II is going to focus on how to check on the status of tasks and view the schedule for the various tasks that have been created.

How to Check on the Status of Tasks

To check on the status of tasks, click “Charts” which will be located underneath the various Teams channel spaces (discussed in Part II of Teams).  Charts will display the status of the tasks.  It lets you know which tasks have not been started, are in progress, late, or completed.   It will also display the various buckets that were created as well as your team members.  The team members section will show the status of their individual tasks.

View Schedule for Various Tasks Created

Next to Charts is “Schedule” which functions hand in hand with checking on the status of tasks.  Schedule will display the various tasks that have been assigned and their status in calendar format.  It will allow you to see when the start date and end date of the task.  Also, you can open the task directly from the calendar.   You can also change the display between week and month.

This ends the series on Planner.  As you may have noticed, it is a relatively straightforward and lightweight program that definitely has its advantages as a task manager.

Continue to check the FIS website for more exciting articles on Microsoft Office 365 applications.  For more information, please submit a ticket through the FIS portal.

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