FIS Happenings: Announcing FISgo

As part of moving to the digital workplace, FIS has invested in desktop virtualization.  Virtualization of our workplace assists with increased productivity, agility, and responsiveness.  It also extends the life cycle of the desktop and provides the flexibility to adjust resources to each desktop on demand.

Introducing FIS Go: FIS has recently completed upgrading our virtual desktop infrastructure powered by VMWare Horizon View.  This upgrade increases capacity, optimizes performance, and improves reliability for all customers who use a virtual computer.  FIS Go also helps to enable business continuity by minimizing downtime and improving accessibility.

The FIS Go Web Interface: All FIS customers who utilize a virtual desktop with FIS Go now can access their desktop at home.  FIS Go is our Desktop from Anywhere solution.  It’s a secure portal that allows you to log into FIS Go from any web browser with an internet connection, both on or off campus, with no additional software required. This means you can get to your desktop and other resources just as if you were in the office.

  • If you’re working from home, use FIS Go web interface to connect to your work desktop from your home computer.
  • If you are using a conference room computer and need to quickly access your files, you can use the FIS Go website.
  • If the power goes out in your office, you can relocate and continue to work with all necessary access.

To connect, simply go to and log in with your Pitt user credentials.


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